Children Pave The Way (Bringing light even in the darkest of places)

Today I visited my half-brother in federal prison with my nephews. This is all still very new to us, but without going into much detail, there was something that stood out to me.

In prison of course there’s different groups as you may know & “enemies”. Even if you don’t intend for that it’s just the subculture of prison life, unfortunately.

However, with kids when you visit they put you into a different room that looks a bit like a nursery. & I noticed in those moments, we were all one. Inmates & their families just enjoying their time together. Especially the kids. Children do NOT care what race, religion, gender, or sex you are etc. Children were oblivious to the fact that this was even a prison in the first place. & that melted my heart because they all played together & were happy.

Perspective is everything. I get it, prison is still prison & it still sucks. & people will continue to fight & experience horrific things. But I am grateful that for a moment I got to witness the effect children have. They’re able to spread love, where love sometimes gets lost & forgotten. They remind you of what’s MOST important & make you forget why you were angry or mad in the first place.

Maybe instead of us trying to teach children all the time, we could learn a thing or two from them? Because even in the darkest of places, they instill hope. At what point did we too lose the child within us?


3 thoughts on “Children Pave The Way (Bringing light even in the darkest of places)

  1. small children make mistakes, but rarely do they have a calculated, bad intention. they are reminders that once we were all good. it is society that has poked, prodded, and broken us down into adults that we are today. there is so much to be learned from children. i especially appreciate their sense of simplicity and honesty.

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    1. Absolutely!! That’s why as adults when we are growing it’s more of us shedding & “unlearning” what we’ve been taught


  2. Yes children are innocent and are accepting of everyone. Prejudiced is not an innate trait; it is sadly taught by a corrupt society. Great post

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