Versions of Yourself

You Play Different Roles in Your Life:

Sometimes in your story you will either be the hero, the villain, or maybe something in between. Everyday we affect people by our words, behaviors & actions. We are not only fulfilling our curriculum but also others’.

The harsh reality is that we will hurt people (sometimes the ones we love & not intentionally). In other people’s stories, our character can be negative energy or someone toxic.

But we are also many times the source of positivity & happiness. We could save people without even realizing it & be an inspiration to them. A lot of times at work it doesn’t hit me the impact I could have on someone until a client says, “Thank you. If it weren’t for you I don’t know where I’d be.” Take in those moments. You have that affect on others too whether you know it or not.

Whether we were a bad influence or not, or something in between, not everyone is meant to stay & it’s a passing lesson. Sometimes things are not that personal & it’s not about us.

Everyone is here for a journey & in life you will experience many different versions of yourself. No one can truly know your path or what goes on in your head to fully understand you, because they’re not walking in your shoes. Just like you’re not walking in theirs.

Learn to Accept:

If you know you are trying everyday to be better than you were yesterday, then you have to accept certain things, even when they don’t go in your favor.

It’s a lesson darling. That’s all life is. “Life school.” Some classes we’ll fail, some we’ll have to take over & over again, & some won’t make sense…but then before you know it something clicks. You start understanding & you pass & move on to the next lesson.

We are all working towards Graduation day, & I believe that’s only when we exit this world. For me, I’m learning to SURRENDER & let go of trying to control everything. Grounding myself when things don’t go my way & to breathe. I work towards future goals of course but am also trying to let life happen. Where’s the fun in knowing everything anyway, right?

We take life way too seriously sometimes & torture ourselves unnecessarily. Our minds can be the most destructive thing, or the most POWERFUL resource we have. Our choice.

Life is a self-fulfilling prophecy & we often don’t think we hold the pen in our story. We were born to create & even if outside factors we have no control in are happening to us, we can choose our response. We can choose our outlook, attitude, beliefs & actions about it. We decide how it affects us.

I’ve worked with clients who have gone through many traumatic unspeakable things, & see how people build themselves up & survive. Not just survive but THRIVE. Everyday they teach me how resilient we can be.

If you are not happy with the versions of yourself you have been in some of your chapters, that’s okay. Just flip the script & be the higher version of yourself you were meant to be, BORN to be, & are deep down inside. It is never too late. You have the right to change & transform. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.



3 thoughts on “Versions of Yourself

  1. It takes a lot of inner work but really we can become so strong – the resiliency of humans is incredible! Great share xo

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  2. You stated — “in life you will experience many different versions of yourself. ”

    My response — So true!

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