Manifestation 101

So if you’ve never heard the term manifestation before, here’s what the dictionary says:

What that means simply is, something that was once originally just a thought or “abstract idea” in your mind, has now manifested it’s way into reality. Pretty cool right?

Lexy’s Bio:

Looking back on my life before I knew this even had a name, I realized I had been manifesting things without even knowing it. (Both good & bad).

When I was 16 years old working at a pharmacy as a cashier, I KNEW deep down inside that I deserved better. My bosses were known to treat their workers like subordinates & I was also an introvert & shy so being assertive was foreign to me.

Despite on the exterior not looking like I believed in myself & had capabilities, on the interior I was planning & manifesting my escape & way out.

I figured out ways to block out the noise & use this experience while I was studying on the side & working my way up to going to college to my advantage. I trained my mind to not take what my bosses said personally, & my work ethic was always good anyways so I knew it was invalid & not true. My co workers & customers loved me & I focused on that instead & how that would help me career wise in the future.


I visualized myself one day graduating & becoming a therapist, working with people & helping others. I visualized having my own office & people coming in to see me. As a kid I ALWAYS had a powerful imagination, so this was never hard for me & I was that kid that would get into trouble for daydreaming. I never realized the power of it & how it has served me until looking back now.

From the pharmacy, I learned skills that I now use today & even though I wasn’t 100% happy there, especially with how they treated us, I wouldn’t be fully prepared where I am now & where I am going if not for that foundation. I got out of my shell because I had to deal with all kinds of people, whether it was customers (all ages, race, religion, gender, etc.), co-workers & being part of a team, & bosses who didn’t care. All of this at me starting from the age of 16, because one of my friends said to me, “Hey you want a job?” & I said YES.

I don’t care how small or insignificant an opportunity might sound at first, always say yes when it presents itself. Whether you believe in God, the Universe, or whatever works for you, something will present itself & you have to GO FOR IT. Because it will lead to better & better. Don’t be afraid & let your fear & your ego stop you from your greatness.

Since then I promised myself to always say yes when an opportunity arises. Granted, I’m not perfect & I have been known to procrastinate. But that was the first example of how at 16 I decided to take on this journey of wanting MORE for my life. & even now, even though I’ve attained the things I set out to like my masters degree, passing my licensing exam for social work, getting good experience & jobs in my field, I know there is better out there.

Know what it is that you want & WHY you want it. I knew I wanted to help people & wanted a job that I’d love. Don’t focus on HOW it is going to happen, that is not your concern. Life will present you a way & you follow that breadcrumb. Life should be abundant in all aspects. Too often we settle because that is our beliefs that stem from our roots in the mind of what life is suppose to be. It’s not our faults really, because society & maybe our childhood led us to believe that either, “Life is hard, you have to work as a slave to get what you want, & even then you won’t”. Examples like that. But we can change that & instead of expecting the worst, we can expect the good & the great. We can expect that things are always working for our highest good & it will all makes sense later on. We cannot give up & give in to selling out. After-all, it’s only temporary.

I believe this is the most difficult part for people. Especially today with living in a world of instant gratification. I realized when I was patient & learning as MUCH as I could from my current reality, while being grateful & saying thank you thank you thank you!! Then my opportunities came sooner when I least expected it. & more fun that way too. It is a more relaxed vibration anyway, because you are letting go of control. You still take those action steps but you have FAITH that it is coming, it’s on it’s way & in the meantime you are learning so that you are prepared to RECEIVE.

Darling give yourself PERMISSION because you deserve it! Oftentimes we feel guilty or not worthy enough & it’s important to remind yourself what good it will do for the world if you are a better you. & we forget that if we are taken care of, we can be of better service to others. I don’t care what has happened to you, what you’ve been taught, or what you perceive about yourself right now, you are allowed & deserve to be happy. Now start manifesting! 🤗.


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