Boundaries: You Owe it to Yourself

Out of all the topics I have discussed so far, this to me seems to be of the utmost important. Learning how to set healthy boundaries with people is extremely essential to maintaining inner peace. Picture it like your little bubble of peace & protection from others. Because let’s face it, people will drain you, disappoint you, & suck the living life out of you if you don’t. When clients come into my office, most of the issues more than anything else is learning how to deal with the hurt caused by others.

One of the hardest things I ever had to overcome & continue to practice is learning the art of saying no. We’re so afraid of displeasing someone at the cost of our very own selves. & even then after all that, guess what? It’s no guarantee that it will work because we cannot please everyone. No matter how hard we try. You don’t need to explain yourself because even if you come up with the greatest approach, it still isn’t guaranteed because people only understand from THEIR perspective. & that’s okay. Saying no can be so empowering. I highly recommend practicing daily even if it’s little things.

Don’t let anyone make you feel crazy for your feelings. You’re entitled to them & standing up for yourself is never wrong or something you should feel guilty for. & believe me, this is something I continue to work on as well. When people violate your boundaries that is abuse & that is not okay. You deserve to not be treated that way & deserve respect. People have to earn that in your life.

Know that how you view yourself is what matters most & others do not define you. Your little bubble of peace helps you to navigate life without being destroyed by others. You know who you are, you know what you deserve, & even if you’ve accepted less in the past, even if it was only yesterday, you have a right to change your standards. You have a right to grow everyday & to choose your path. So go set them boundaries! It’ll be the greatest gift you give to yourself.


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