Death is not what’s scary. It’s barely living while you’re still alive…

So I had a 27 year old client come in the other day to my office & had to decompress with him as he was having a panic attack. These can be very scary as they can feel like heart attacks; how he describes it. Anyway, while exercising deep breathing techniques & meditation, he realized his worst fear was death. He was afraid of dying…

As he began sobbing & released what the root cause of his anxiety was from, I looked at him & told him, “Death in itself is not the scary part. Not living the life you want while you’re still breathing & here is a lot scarier.” In that moment he thought about it & said, “That makes a lot of sense.” It completely changed his perception of life & death. It helped shift his focus on ways we can improve his quality of life now (while that is in our control), than a preoccupation with death (which as much as we may try, is ultimately out of our control). Not to say don’t rule out medical first. Of course.

Sometimes what we think we fear is just an illusion. Sometimes having our world turned upside down & our expectations of what our life should be & is “suppose” to be can be the best things for us. You know why? Because it forces us to grow & find whom we ACTUALLY are & what it is we TRULY want.

We may think we know what’s best for us, & life has a funny way of proving us wrong. A shift in perception can be scary, to the point where panic attacks happen & you can feel like you are actually DYING because guess what? A part of you IS dying; your ego. That is the greatest blessing in disguise you can obtain because when our world shifts & everything we thought we knew completely changes, we find our truth.

The hardest part is over. That initial shock is the scariest. Once you pass that point, you can get to know the real you & explore what you truly want. Without that pressure & distractions & ego on your shoulders. Only when we look within, we find the answers. It’s okay to experiment & try something new.

I know it can be scary, & that’s where support can help. So that you are NOT alone. Where you know it’s safe to dabble & have that FREEDOM to figure it all out. Because deep down, our intuition will know what’s right for us. & if we’re not in touch with our intuition, then start there! Don’t live a life according to others….because that is ultimately a lot more scary than death itself if you ask me 😉


1 thought on “Death is not what’s scary. It’s barely living while you’re still alive…

  1. Love it !!! Sometimes people don’t live to their full potential because of fear of the unknown…very sad.

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